Let Mama Sleep!

When I tell people my daughter was waking every 10 to 15 minutes...that was NOT an exaggeration! The exhaustion I was feeling seeped into everything I did or rather, what I didn’t do.

My husband and I were fighting a lot. I couldn’t focus on anything other than getting through the day to day life, and life in general was kinda sucky!

I knew I was going to crash soon if we didn’t change our daughter’s sleep life. At six months I was totally against doing anything that I thought would damage her in any way.

It took me another 5 months of torture to finally seek help. Luckily for me, a friend I met at the library lapsit suggested a sleep trainer.

I was skeptical, but her son seemed happy. She admitted going through the same experience that I was having. We reached out to Peaceful Sleep Consulting, was in contact quickly, and had our meeting set!

After meeting Emily, we knew we had chosen the right person. She is understanding and super supportive.

She explained each option very thoroughly and we decided to try the intermediate checks. After Emily left, we did our first night.

Cora cried for 45 minutes straight! We would go in and check on her and it was brutal.

I did everything in my power to not break down and go get her, but if I did, it would have undone everything we had already been through. Once she was asleep...I cried my eyes out, like ugly, cried my eyes out.

I felt like the worst person ever. Just letting her cry while I watched the monitor and did nothing!

It sucked, and poor Emily was getting a lot of texts and emails for emotional support. That was the only reason we succeeded in getting Cora to sleep.

I could have googled a sleep schedule and done it on our own, which I did try, but failed miserably. I watched a ton of Youtube videos about getting your child to sleep in their own crib because she was in our bed.

The truth is, I was getting little to no sleep and she was waking up and crawling around without me even noticing. She easily could have crawled right off the bed.

I knew I needed to end our co-sleeping journey. Although I loved sleeping near her, it was time.

Since we were putting her in a crib, we also put her in another room. I didn’t like the idea at first, but now, I know why it was easier in the long run. Having to get her to self sooth would have backfired as soon as she saw us next to her in bed.

She would have cried and tried to wake us up to soothe her instead of doing it herself, and no one would have gotten ANY sleep. The 2nd night was way better. She only cried for 20 minutes, and it was more like whining, not actually crying.

Day 3 was ok, but she did not have a great night. Day 4 was awful! She was rebelling.

Emily called it a nap strike and Cora cried right through both naps that day and had a rough night. After the strike, it got way easier.

Now, Cora is getting 2 naps a day and is in bed between 6 and 7 pm every night. Before, she was staying up until 10 or 10:30 every night, waking up at 8, and sleeping whenever and wherever during the day.

I was desperately trying to follow her lead, but it was time to start putting her on a schedule. And I am so glad we did!

I am unbelievably grateful for Peaceful Sleep Consulting. I only wish we hadn’t waited so long. Everyone’s parenting journey and sleep journey is different. What has worked for us may not suit everyone, but for those looking for help in the sleep department, Emily from Peaceful Sleep Consulting is highly recommended by this slightly anxious, super empathetic mama.

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